London photo diary

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It's official, I love London!! I hadn’t been to this amazing city for a while now and it was so nice that I had the opportunity to explore it with my boyfriend Jordy for a few days..
It was amazing! My favorites were Hyde Park and Brick Lane with the Old Spitalfields market (Vintage, curry and people were actually ballroom dancing), Oxford Circus Topshop, Museum of National History and the Victoria and Albert museam of art & design (what a beautiful building and it was open till 9 pm and there were dj's and drinks).

BTW, what do you think about my new haircolor? It's chocolate brown and I have cut my bangs again..

Mustard & Lace

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My look of the day. I am wearing a vintage skirt, H&M top, ASOS boots, vintage chanel bag, vintage Moschino belt and a Topshop jacket.
I am going to London now for 4 days!! I hope I have decent internet in my hotel room so I can give you some updates of my trip! Or else I will be seeing you in 4 days and you will get the overload of pictures after!

Winner Jalousie Bijoux giveaway

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Hope you will enjoy it!


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These two wonderful pairs of shoes which I got from Romwe has just arrived, I especially like the green platforms, very Prada-esque.

Les Chaussures Fatales

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Here is my look of the day. Wearing a H&M trend dress (old), vintage blazer, New Look headband, Pieces bag and of course my beloved ACNE boots.
Still enjoying my holidays.. I only wish it was better weather so I could go to the beach and work on my tan and get that summer feeling. And the fact is that I only live 10 minutes from the beach..

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You're first in my thoughts

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My look of the day: Zara skirt and blouse, Miu Miu sandals, bracelet from ZaZa jewelry and VJ-style bag.

New in

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These babies have just arrived.. I have been wanting these ACNE pixel boots for a long time and I was so happy to find them in the ACNE sale!

Italian Coffee

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I had such a nice weekend. My boyfriend finally also has his vacation now, so we went out to eat at our favourite italian restaurant.. I am crazy for pasta and pizza and of course the Italian Coffee! Yesterday I went to the cinema with my friends to watch the movie Bridesmaids. I really liked this movie, I laughed all the way through! You should definitely watch it!

This is my look of the day: Zara pants, Jacket from Alpinestars by Denise Focil, H&M top, New look sandals, vintage Chanel bag and Zara hat.

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